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Services & Fee Structures


  • Addition

  • Custom Home - Development

  • Attached or Detached Garage

  • ADU - Accessory Dwelling Unit

  • Guest House

  • Porch & Patio

  • Remodel & Renovations

Fee Structures

Depending on the scope of work, fees can be based on the following*:

  • Flat Fee - The equation I use to determine my fee is based on three factors: the square footage (livable and non-livable areas), my time to complete, and the complexity of the scope of work.  

    • Square Footage - $3.00 to $6.00 per square foot livable area and $1.50 to $3.00 non-livable areas (garage / patio / porches). 

    • My Time - $65.oo per hour

    • The Complexity of the scope of work - I will add this to My Time.

  • Fixed Fee: $2,250.00 minimum

*Price can't be specified until I know the exact scope of work because of the intricacy of design development and site constraints.

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